From Christchurch,

New Zealand to

Kampala, Uganda is

13,800 km! Wow!

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Week 6
216 km
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CommunityWalk Map - Run to Uganda

13 May 2008 - We had beautiful weather today for our school cross country run. All of the children participated in running either 1, 2 or 3km. All together we ran 216 km. We guessed this would take us somewhere over towards the West Coast, but actually it puts us out in the Tasman Sea. Not bad for the first day. I wonder how well we will do in the next few weeks.
14 May 2008 - Not such a great day today. We were very busy and only a few people joined in at break time. But this was the first day doing it at break time. We will have to make some posters and advertise this a bit more if we are
going to be successful.
19 May 2008 - Luckily this week we had the eastern zones for cross country so we did 117.25km this week. The zones people did 81km alone. We are looking promising to make Australia before the end of this term.
26 May 2008 - This week we only did 52km. Even with my constinct writing in the daily notices people just haven't been coming to the runs at each morning break. The only reason that the distance got that high that Gareth (the organizer) does a lot of running and adds his healthy distances to the Run to Uganda challenge.
3 June 2008 - This week we didn't have a very good week. We only did 31.25km. Thankful to Gareth, Haven and Ethan who ran in the weekend due to public events. Haven and Ethan did the SBS MaraFun which was 2.5km and Gareth who ran on Saturday and ran 8km on his athletics club having a club run which means that he can run as far as he wants to. This week was a short week because of Queen's Birthday being on Monday. Better luck next week.
10 June 2008 - This week we did something different. We started counting the journey to our swimming lessons. We worked out that is exaculy 1km each way from school to the pool. We only counted LT4's distance. We did a total of 222km. Not bad compared to last week.
17 June 2008 - This week we had our best distance for a week with 343.5km. We started to count LT3's distances as well. We had now past 1000km overall and are on our way to big heights.