How far have we run?

84.5 km

152 km
236.5 km
112.5 km
349 km
166 km
515 km
95.5 km
610.5 km

Week 1

This week it has been raining non-stop and we have only managed to get two runs done without being drenched. Our class ran a 500 metre track with most people doing two laps. Between all of our class we ran 84.5 kilometres.

So far we have run through Canterbury into North Canterbury, over the Waimakariri river, through townships like Woodend and past the entrance to the new Pegasus Village. We ran over the Ashley River through Amberley and on to Waipara and all the vineyards. We kept running and running and by the end of week 1 we had got just past Greta Valley.

Week 2

This week we have had mostly fine weather so we have managed to get outside a bit more often. We are also training for our school athletic sports so that has been an excuse for a few longer runs. All together we managed to run 152 km this week. This takes us through the Hundalees and along the Kaikoura Coast. Through two tunnels and past a seal colony to Kekerenga on the Kaikoura Coast.

Week 3

Labour day holiday on Monday meant no running. Tuesday and Wednesday we have been so busy we only got out once. Thursday afternoon we had a Kiwi sport afternoon and Friday came too quickly. We ran 112.5 km this week. Most people ran about 2 or 3 km but Josh managed to run 5 km this week.

Test of hyperlink to map
Here is another map we are trying. This one lets us add routes easily. I'm still looking for one that also lets us place photos on the map and track the route additions in km rather than miles. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Week 4

This week we ran 166 km. We have athletics sports next week so we have been running in practice. If you look on the map below you can see we are almost there.


I've found an even better website with a map tool so here is another trial. image favicon.ico

Week 5
Wahoo we made it! image favicon.ico